Off the Wall

Setting the Stage

I love music, but my singing voice ensures work for ASL interpreters everywhere.  Really, I think the phase I heard once was, “I sing like a bear.”  Never heard a bear sing, but I’m sure it’s not pretty.

So, I do the next best thing: I set the stage and let the people who CAN sing be heard.  It’s great.  And you know, once the hard work is done, I sit back and chill and watch the show from one of the best seats in the house: the sound booth.  And if I think I can make it sound better, yeah, I tweak that board.

This blog is like that stage, except I’m not sitting at the sound booth: others are.  I could make a long list, but like half my XLR cables, some will get forgotten and I’ll feel really bad…and have to go drop more money on replacements I’ll forget somewhere else.  It’s a vicious cycle and comes with the gig.

Now, I don’t do cards.  Or any of those other things.  Because, we all know, I’m like a toddler.  So, only way I can say thanks is the usual craziness, so here goes:

A Shout-Out to You

So, for my kids at the sound booth:
Thank you for keeping me sane;
Thank you for letting my wax and wane.
Thank you for the calls and support,
And the roadmaps, and props of course;
I couldn’t do this without you.
This we know to be true;
I stayed quiet for 5 years,
Citing lack of creativity and fears.
You kids won;
The blog is now being done.
Let’s hope I do you proud;
Like a toddler, I’m obnoxious and loud.
Some people are nice,
And think like sugar and spice.
They’re smart and send a card;
For me, that’s just too hard.
Here’s a poem for you,
Thank you for all you do.
Really, you cats rock!
Even if I’m like Spock,
You still publicly claim my name,
And feel no need to explain.
Cheers to you and all you do;
Thanks for making me follow through.
What’s that you say, enough of this, FIT,
And let’s get vizzy with it!

Look, ma! All those singing lessons I never got finally paid off – I can embed a YouTube video!

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