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In a year

In a year, you can totally change your career.  You can find yourself looking back and the only comparison you can make is that of coming off a roller coaster.  It’s fast, intense, and you wonder what in the world happened.  It literally flies by.

In a year, you will have loved and lost, watching those close to you fade like the colors on printed photos.  The memories remain, but dull with time.  Nothing will lessen how much you loved them in the first place.

In a year, crazy things will happen.  You’ll say yes when you meant no, and no when you probably should’ve said yes.  You’ll sometimes use them at the right time, but you’ll often wonder anyway.  And sometimes, just one yes will make all the difference in the world.

In a year, you can go from wondering how to escape these 4 walls to witnessing the beauty of Pluto up close.  And, yes, it sure does look like a heart.  It may only be a dwarf, but amazing things can come in small sizes.  Try to avoid dismissing the small surprises in life.

In a year, a stranger can become a best friend.  Sometimes, just a few words make all the difference in the world.

In a year, you can go from writing these words, “I am starting…” to looking back and only being able to whisper, “wow.”  Sometimes, it’s easier to just keep going.  Starting is hard.

In a year, you can change your life.  Or, if you’re really lucky, someone else’s.  Remember your power.

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